MagaBox MG4, thank you for your purchase and trust, let us understand the setup process:

Basic Setup

1. Connect the MG4 with power adaptor;
2. Connect the MG4 to your TV/Monitor with the HDMI cable provided, or your AC Cable if you need to
connect with the AV port;
3. Put two AAA batteries into the remote.
(optional): Connect Ethernet Cable for hardware network connection

Now finish the setup together

1. Wait until initializing progress in completed;

2. Remote control to click settings

3. Go to Device Preferences, then languages, then choose the right language;

4. Go to setting, Device Preferences, then Date&time, then set time zone by your
hand, 12-hour format or 24-hour format for your option.

5. Select network with Ethernet or Wi-Fi Connection

Settings-Network&Internet-Turn on Wi-Fi, then you will see your Wi-Fi list, choose the Wi-Fi that you
want to connect, put in password

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